Ambiosensing – Case study

Integrated in the work plan of the Ambiosensing project, case studies of the practical use of the tool to be developed are foreseen. It is in this context that The Factory made available its facilities in Charneca da Caparica to test the Ambiosensing solution.

The Factory is a surfboard factory, located in Almada, operating at all stages of production, with a small store and office area. Resulting from the production of the surfboards there is the release of certain volatiles and dust that justify their monitoring. According to this, several Ambiosensing devices were dimensioned and installed according to the needs of the factory, as shown in the gallery bellow.

In the future, the application will be made available to its owners with its functionality for alerts and space monitoring, as well as factory performance reports.

Device Settings
Assembling adaptation
Device Instalation
Device online